Friday, May 15, 2015


Within the past few weeks I have been finding nests, empty nests. So many in fact that I began to think, "OK Universe, what message are you trying to send to me?"  I found them here and there blown from trees, looking empty and sad. One day I kept going back to one in particular. I looked at it again and again, thought about it and finally felt compelled to go pick it up. The nest was well woven, thick and strong in my hands. It had good bones. Instantly an idea popped into my head and that thought was that I needed to fill this nest with something, something positive and happy. It was to be an act of intention. So the nest went home.
Later that same day I also found a perfect little wren egg nestled in the grass, it was speckled and dear. There was a small hole pecked into the side so perhaps another bird stole the precious life before its time in order to sustain its own. I couldn't help but feel that this too was another message.
Eggs in many cultures are representatives of fertility and new growth, hope. What do I want to resurrect in my own life? What do I want to give birth to? How do I go about nurturing that which I need in my own life so that I can grow and become? 
My first thought was that I needed to fill it with love. My Mother always collected heart rocks and I had three that were about the size of eggs. The first is a green stone that she always carried with her and I figured the color green was perfect to symbolize fertility and growth (not actual fertility, I'm a little too old to go down that road at this stage in my life, thank you very much!) and healing.
 The second, a bright yellow sandstone heart decorated with delicate flowers, is a happy stone. To me it represents inspiration and communication since I love to write, garden and create art. 
The third is a small glass heart with yellow stripes. Glass is fragile, transparent, and beautiful. Glass encompasses the qualities of sincerity and purity. Yellow represents being positive and optimistic.
I choose three because that is the number of new beginnings, of creativity and renewal. I have been working with the energy of air, with birds, within the element of Air for some years now as I rebuild and re-envision my life. So three is also one of new vision for me, what do I "see" for this next stage of my life?  

Placing the nest on my shelf I nestled the three hearts within and lit a candle and meditated upon filling the nest with love and beauty.
Just yesterday I was working on my vegetable garden, preparing the soil and planting seeds. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two Robins come to rest on top of a large bush that grows next to the patio and the back door of the house. They dove into the bush. I crept over and peered through the branches and there, towards the top was a nest and a little bird was looking directly at me with big eyes. It filled me with hope and happiness.
Sometimes life is like a tree in a windstorm, we are sent thrashing around as we try to
 hang on, not wanting change, resolute that we know best.  We most often times will break under the pressure. If we can learn to let ourselves be free to bend with the changing winds we can withstand just about anything. We may loose a few branches and leaves but our trunk, our foundation remains standing strong.
Looking at the nest it reminds me of my own life. I have been rather unsettled these past two years. I left my home, my choice, to try something new. It hasn't been easy leaving everything I knew behind in search of something...else. I seek my Self, my authentic self, that voice in my heart searching for that which makes me truly happy and fulfilled. But, I am strong like this nest. It was torn by the wind from its tree but its strong foundation kept it whole, kept it intact. It has a new home, a new life and it is filled with new dreams now.....